Change Management and Leadership

Why is change so hard for us?

Most people say they accept change but within our own human makeup this is not always the case, someone had a bright idea to change something in your business what is your first instinct, your gut reaction?

I don’t want to change?

If you follow some simple principles of change management and these can be used anywhere not just IT changes but business transformational changes.

I use a 5 step process within all my change management programmes.

Inception creation of new ideas
Sharing of the ideas
Ability to engage with the process or system change
Knowledge of the technology or process
Enforcement to ensure that the process is embedded and pace ensued.

I have often used the following to underpin project’s especially those that require a greater degree of people change I call it the LEAF Model

Good strong leadership guiding the way and showing the vision is key to any project show everyone the end goal of what the future will be like.

Involve users every step of the way from the design through to testing and post-go live

Training don’t leave this right to the end build this in cycles within your project it will increase adoption within your business, create prototypes to leverage the adoption process.

Creating a sustainable focus can be tiring and take the greatest amount of effort