Agile Business Management Consulting

Agile Business Management Consulting

We are firm believers in using ‘the right tool for the job’ and this flexibility allows us to reduce the risk involved in delivering large-scale, often complex and technically demanding systems.

We use both PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) and Agile Scrum/Kanban project management frameworks, depending on the nature of the project and the suitability of each process for the client.

Prince2 offers project governance that scales to the largest of projects while maintaining excellent client communications.

Each phase of the project has rigorous documentation control ensuring that regardless of the size or complexity of the project, we provide a consistent change management approach to our projects.

When working on an Agile project we work with you through iterative development, deployment and giving you a constant re-prioritisation of tasks, we then utilise the base Prince2 methodology layered with additional tools to manage the fluidity of this style of project using Azure DevOps/Trello or Microsoft Project Web.

Our in-house Scrum Masters have experience in delivering small and large-scale projects with these methodology ensure that we will always apply the correct approach to a new project.

All of our project logs contain lessons learned. These are shared, discussed and actioned within the Project Management team and the outputs of the lessons published to the wider organisation.

After each body of work, we perform a Post Project Review.

Everyone who has worked on the project is represented and each aspect of the project process and delivery is openly scrutinised, the output from these sessions goes into our Project Lessons Learned logs.

If we are running an Agile project then part of the Scrum processes we implement provide you with a timely set of reviews in the form of Sprint Retrospectives.


As with Post Project Reviews, the whole team is actively encouraged to challenge and scrutinise the process and work completely in the previous sprint (normally a two week period). The lessons from these retrospectives are carried into the next sprint and also into the Project Logs where appropriate.

In addition to this, we always invite our clients to provide feedback on the documentation, process and communications we provide to them during the project.

It is important that all of these lessons and reviews allow us to review and adapt our Project Management processes.

We regularly meet as a team and discuss or workshop new ideas for changes to the process to implement the requirements of our lessons logs.

We look outward from our organisation and use the experiences of our peers to further enhance our work.

Whether this is changes to the PRINCE2 methodology or new tools to work in Agile environments, we will always look to adopt the very latest proven process improvements.

Slideshare of an Agile Project Management course I have delivered for clients

I also have a Trello board for Agile Scrum Retrospectives and other Agile materials